Oct 21, 2009

Be Steps Ahead of your Devilish Functions

by Seleus Blelis

Today I had many thoughts and questions about devilish functions. Everyone knows what they look like or do they? They can be so transparent to some people. So obvious. Ever wonder why they keep disturbing us right where we live (our financial pockets, relationships, etc).

For example, say your having money problems. Finding work. You book a show, a gig, a project, etc. You’re constantly finding ways to survive. So one day, you get a call for a show...great right? You’ve been chanting like wildfire to get it. Then a half an hour after that, you get a call that says the show you’re were banking on to pay your bills, just got cancelled. Then you chant again. Now the show or job that you did book requires you to be there on time. So you get into your car and hit every frigging light. You’re running late. etc etc...lol there’s a obvious pattern here.

Your DF (devilish functions), are trying to thwart your every move. After a while, they become so obvious to you. They know where to strike you and like I’ve said before, they get angry when you succeed. They’re rejoicing! Say now, you’ve conquer a challenge. You didn’t resort back to your old tendencies or way of doing things/reacting etc. Now your DFs, are having a meeting. A meeting to discuss how and where they’re going to get you next.

Our practice helps us to be steps ahead of them, to keep moving. We have to anticipate their next moves. Sure you chanted, but did you chant with faith? There lies the difference. Your DFs will always be there if don’t have faith in yourself and in this practice. You have to no matter what be steps ahead of them.


Sam said...

Great read and message to remember when chanting. Thanx

Rahki said...

Absolutely awesome. You are such the Buddha queen!

Seleus said...

Thank you!

Jose Avila said...

Thank you Seleus!

Neeru Pradhan said...

Thank you so much.