Nov 19, 2009

Karmic Paycheck

Comic by Boxbrown

Nichiren’s Buddhism is a profound teaching and by practicing it we are able to achieve our goals in life, control the manifestations and circumstances in our environment, and acquire the life-condition of Buddhahood, or unshakable happiness. It is important to understand, however, the practical application of this practice in our daily lives. It is incorrect to think that chanting by itself, that is chanting without making serious efforts to bring about our own human revolution, will be effective. To use a well-known metaphor, that is like expecting a paycheck without working. We must make the causes to reach our goals, not simply wait for them to appear. Nichiren teaches us that though we may have experienced frustration in our lives when our efforts seemingly do not produce the desired effect, summoning faith in the power of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo will definitely yield great benefit.

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“On Attaining Buddhahood In This Lifetime”
June 2006 Gosho Study

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