Aug 25, 2010

Wayne Shorter

Happy Birthday Wayne Shorter
Fellow Nichiren Buddhist


4th track from Wayne Shorter's "Adam's Apple" album, FEBRUARY 24, 1966.
Blue Note Records. The track it's one of the greatest Wayne Shorter's compositions and appears on Miles Davis Quintet's "Miles Smiles" Album.

"One thing I could never do is play something over and over again. If I have it, I know it's there to be played over and over, but to actually confirm this "something" the value of playing it over and over and over again is like a web that's spun but you can't get out of it. When you become neutral the music is more alive than you. That goes for anything, even eating too much ice cream. The ice cream is very much alive, but you're dead. The same with liquor, cocaine, and drugs, dwelling on something so that you have to end up in an institution. Three attachments usually need to suffer." - Wayne Shorter 

The Saxophone Journal 1992

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that's jazz baby....jazzz. is. real.