Sep 7, 2010

Joseph Bowie

Joseph Bowie was born on October 17, 1953 in St Louis, Missouri.  He is a  American bandleader, trombonist, and founder of the seminal jazz fusion band, Defunkt. The group has been blending jazz with funk and punk music for more than three consecutive decades.

Bowie is the younger brother of world renowned avant-garde jazz trumpeter Lester Bowie, and saxophonist Byron Bowie

After recovering from a bout with drug addiction during the 1980s, Bowie discovered Buddhism and has been a practicing Buddhist ever since. He has since founded Kosen-Rufu, another musical outfit aside from Defunkt. In 2003 Bowie moved to The Netherlands, where he lives in the small town of Gorinchem where he works with a number of groups.

In this short documentary, James talks about how he was introduced to the practice, why and chants. Fast forward the video to the time 5:38 to see this. 

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