Jul 1, 2010

The Risk to Blossom

By Stacie Noble-Wiebe, layerbylayer.net

A bud is nothing more than a potential rose (ed. note- or I like to add potential Lotus Flower) . Too many times we are satisfied to stay as a bud and keep our dreams and goals small and settle for less. It is safe, reasonable, and you don’t risk exposing too much of what’s inside. But, people, like roses  (or Lotus Flowers) are meant to grow and the opposite of growth is death. If we resist this growth, there are consequences that lead to pain. Pursuing our full potential can be a frightening and risky process, indeed. But layer by layer, we can overcome those fears and limitations, and become a thing of beauty both inside and out.

Means that inaction is more dangerous that action

Basically that a time comes when it's no longer the right thing or healthy thing to shelter yourself from the world, that sometimes we hurt ourselves more when we hide from something we fear than we would if we faced those fears.

 "buds" right now, with nothing but their own fears preventing them from blossoming?

Most people remain tight in the bud, never fully allowing their inner light to shine.  They’re careful of what they do and say because they’re concerned about what others might think.  They consistently underestimate what they’re capable of.  They let fear run the show.  They constrict the spirit within them to fit in and find security and acceptance.  Most of them probably don’t even realize they’re doing it.

Staying tight in the bud means giving up too much.  And the “safe” path is never all that safe anyway.  There are no guarantees.

So if there are no guarantees, let’s flip the game around.  Instead of listing all the reasons why change is dangerous and focusing on what we might lose, let’s ask ourselves what we’re losing by not embracing our dreams and allowing ourselves to blossom into our full potential.   

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