Jun 29, 2010

Seize the Day

Song written and performed by Maria Centeno
(From my District- Fordham Hill Group Leader)

This was performed at my last Chapter meeting accompanied by a Malik Brown on violin and Ray Rivera on percussion 

                          (Source: Tumblr)

Seize the Day 

Seize the Day, A New Beginning
To Light Our Way
Seize the Day, We see our Victory
Bright as a Flame
--- We Seize the Day

There are mountains we must climb,
Rivers we will cross, (and)
With the rising of the sun,
We look beyond the sky,
Say this day is mine; this day is yours---

Seize the Day
Brave hearts are beating
Aflame with Flame
Seize the Day,
We march on fearlessly
Along with Sensei/ (Our Friends)
--- We Seize the Day

With a youthful spirit we rise
Inner strength moves our lives
Courageous will is high!
We look beyond the sky
Say, this day is mine; This Day is yours.

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